First Look: the Pros, Cons, and Photos That I Love

Dec 17, 2022 | Wedding Tips

The first look is something every bride and groom will need to decide if they plan to do one. There are definitely pros and cons to doing one. Here are some things to consider before making a decision.

Yes, do a First look

May calm the nerves down

Lets be real, planning a wedding can be very stressful, but the day of, when everyone is coming together, it can be overwhelmingly stressful. Lots of brides have said that after doing a first look, they felt so much better, and could relax and enjoy the day. Consider this when you decide if a First Look is right for you.

A few moments of just the two of you

When my couples do a first look, I try to keep it as one on one with the bride and groom as possible so they can have a moment together. The day will be full, and they will be surrounded by people for the rest of the wedding day. I love to gift my couples a chance to have that small moment together to just be with one another and say what only their ears to hear with one another. Otherwise, the two wont get that chance, because once she come down that aisle, the ceremony has started and there’s no time for the groom to tell her how beautiful she is!

First Look Pictures

Okay this goes without saying, but the photos are always so awesome! Not only do I capture the moment, but I also usually get some great emotional shots of the bride and groom (a must have, I’d say!). I always try to give the groom a quick pep talk (to get the emotions going) just after I position the bride. Almost without fail, that little speech works, and gets the groom all emotionally ready to see his beautiful bride and for both to just embrace the moment together.

Over all

From my experience, a groom will have the same reaction seeing his bride whether he has seen his bride before the ceremony or during. There’s something about the groom seeing his bride walk down that makes it a pivotal point in his life to see her walking towards him down that aisle, it doesn’t matter if he has seen her before or not.

Skip the first look

Will most likely have to fix make-up afterwards

Lots of emotions will be felt during the first look, so naturally tears are apart of the experience. They are happy tears of course! Brides often worry about their picture perfect make-up running afterwards.

Doesn’t follow the traditional wedding rules

Wedding traditions were very important decades ago, but current times, so many brides are perfectly fine doing things their own way. Some couples like to keep it traditional, and that’s okay too.

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