The Wedding Experience

What You’ll Get

Interaction + Genuine Reaction = Photos to Treasure

Looking natural…let’s face it, doesn’t come easy in front of a camera. I’ve been in front of the camera too, and thought what do I do and where do I look? Then comes the deer in-the-headlights look. Something tells me that wasn’t the look we are going for.

So to skip all that uncomfortable and stiff posing, I’ve determined that people who interact with each other usually evoke those authentic and genuine reactions which make those awesome photos that make you feel something when looking at them.

On your wedding day, I want you to enjoy yourselves, confidently knowing that I’ve got you! There’s a time and place for those “say cheese” moments still, but to look back and remember those special candid moments for years to come, those genuine and candid moments will be what tells your wedding story.

Adaptable when the flow shifts, and prepared for almost any scenario that happens at a wedding, my goal is for you to just live in the moment, and I’ll be behind the scenes making sure you get all the amazing shots you deserve while staying on schedule so we have the time for everything.

The Process


The first step is to reach out (link below) to see if I’m available for your date. Then we can determine if I’m the perfect fit for you, by setting up a phone chat where you can meet me and talk about your story. If it turns out we were made to be then we can move onto the booking process.


Now comes the exciting part!  Dates fill up fast so the next step is to get your date secure and booked for you. Once you let me know you want to book, I’ll send you your quote options to select, sign the contract and pay your non-refundable retainer. After that’s done, we will be official!!! Congrats on hiring your wedding photographer! It is time to get your wedding photography planning started!


Once we begin working together, I will help you prepare and know what to expect. If your collection includes an engagement session, I will help you plan your engagement session, starting with outfit recommendations and location scouting.

One month from your wedding day, we will get together again and work on your custom timeline. No worries about your timeline, I help build it with you. I also remind you of some last-minute details to collect for your wedding day.

Wedding Day

After all that time you’ve put into planning and dreaming of your wedding, your day is finally here!! My goal is for you to just enjoy the day as it flows, and I handle the behind-the-scenes and make sure you get all the images you want and deserve.  If things get off schedule (they often do), it’s no biggy for me, I just go with the flow and adjust where it’s needed and make up the time where I can, all while you are just enjoying your day!

Your Gallery

After your successful wedding day, you can rest and recoup! Within the editing time, I work on creating a beautifully designed wedding gallery that tells your story. Your gallery will consist of gorgeous, bright and airy images that truly tell your wedding day story! The best way to view your Wedding Gallery is for both of you to snuggle up on the couch with your laptop and some popcorn.


“I didn’t want to be awkward when I take photos and wanted to find a photographer that made me comfortable enough to get candid, relaxed, authentic photos. Speaking with Linsey and hearing what tricks she used to elicit those candid and authentic laughs and/or smiles helped me know that we would be a good match.”

Linsey helped to keep us organized the day of, and while we were getting ready, she took all the detailed pictures on her own. I loved that I trusted her enough to just play with her creative side and it turned out amazing.

“We were worried about the connection and feeling comfortable with the photographer, but Linsey made everything so fun that it didn’t even feel like we’re taking pictures! It felt as if we were just hanging out with a friend.”

“Having Linsey at our wedding felt like more than just having our photographer there, but truly felt like having our good friend present for the happiest day of our lives. The connection we had with Linsey is not something you come by every day! “


Every wedding is unique, so sometimes couples need more or less. My collection options offer just that. 

All collection includes:

  • Retouching and color correcting
  • Printing rights so you can print wherever
  • Online gallery to download and to share
  • one metal print

starting at $2350

Frequently Asked Questions

Before filling out the form, here are a few FAQ’s to check out to see if we’d be a good match for eachother!



I am located in Bakersfield, CA. However, I also work in San Diego and Central Coast. I love traveling, and am up for going practically anywhere!



If you like what you’re seeing, let’s connect via email. Send me a quick email and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



I require two things to officially book me as your wedding photographer. I require a signed contract (done online) and a non-refundable retainer fee of $1000 to hold your spot. Once I receive both of those, CONGRATS!!! You’ll have officially booked your photographer and excitedly check that off your to-do list!



I know wedding vendor retainers can all mount up in cost, especially the month before your wedding when almost everything is due. To ease that load, if you want to make a certain amount of payments before the final payment is due (3 weeks before your date), please let me know and I’d be happy to set you up with a payment plan.



I actually LOVE it when people tell me this! The reason? I love to prove them wrong (in a good way) and show them that with the right photographer, anyone can look amazing in front of the camera. No such thing as awkward couples in my book.  I use a lot of cues for my couples and it helps them be just who they are and I’m documenting that.



It truly depends on how many hours and photographers you have. If you only have one photographer for 8 hours, you’re looking at roughly 400 images. For two photographers for 8 hours, you’re getting 800+ images (you get two different perspectives with two photographers). 

You ready, let’s go!

Want those genuine, authentic moments reflected in your weddings? Reach out now to get things started.