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I love surprise proposals! They are stressful, yes, but the joy it brings is so worth it! I got to work with the very-talented and stylist designer, Jillian from To Be Designed. Isn’t her set up so beautiful?!!

How he did it:

So Raj has had the ring since October 2016. He contacted Jillian whom then referred him to me. We started planning in the beginning of March.

The planned date was April 30th, they both flew from out of state, he flew a few days earlier without telling her. She was under the impression he was still working and they were both flying into town and meeting at the airport once arrived. He had to take his luggage BACK to the airport the day she arrived and pretend to be getting his luggage once they met up (sneaky sneaky).

Jillian and I arrived at Coronado beach and she put up the set up and I placed the candles (don’t want to say I helped cause she did pretty much all the work haha she’s amazing at that)

We start to see them come walking down the board walk and onto the beach in our direction. Jillian hits play on Raj’s picked out song for when they walk up. I then walk closer to the board walk but I was like the ONLY person standing there so I pretended to photograph the rocks (I know, I know, I’m that good). Meanwhile I hear Jillian yelling at me saying “they are right there!!!” I yelled back “I KNOW!!” hahah

Beach Proposal scene setup

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I don’t think these two could be any cuter together. This, people! THIS is what true love looks like! Honestly, this couple gave me all the feels hanging out with them at their engagement session and witnessing how much they love and adore each other. To make it even more perfect, I fell in love with their love story. I’m not about to spill the beans on their story just yet, but I’ll just leave it as they’ve liked each other for quite some time but timing was not on their side…until now!


Congrats Michelle and Joe! So excited to capture your special day in 1 month!!! EEKK!!!

Michelle + Joe Engagment Session | San Diego Wedding Photographer

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I’ve known this bride-to-be for several years now from our church. She’s such a kind-hearted and warm person, so I have always wanted her to find someone special to be with.  The groom would volunteer often in the Children’s ministry so I got to know him some because of my daughter being in his class on occasion. When I found out that these two were dating, I was beside myself! So excited for the both of them. I asked Sam if she felt like he was the one, and she instantly started to glow and said yes!

Fast forward a a few months ago, and Adam popped the question to Sam at balboa and she of course said yes! I was so excited and overjoyed for both of them to start this new life together! It was my joy and honor to be able to capture their engagement photos for them and am so happy to have been able to witness their love and affection with each other!

I love their photos and there’s so much love with these two!

Sam + Adam Engagment Session | San Diego Wedding Photographer

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When Sandra and Marco came to me asking to do their engagement session at the sand dunes, I knew this session was going to be beyond amazing. Driving 3 hours away for the session was a little nerve-wracking since I have two littles at home and it would be the farthest I’ve been away from them, but I’m so glad I didn’t let that discourage me from jumping in with both feet and doing the session.
When we first arrived at Glamis, it took us a little while to find the perfect spot since it was desert season there and there were a lot of people riding the dunes. When we finally found the perfect, untouched spot of dunes, we jumped right into the session. These two were naturals in front of the camera. Needless to say, these two totally rocked their session with not only a breath taking location, but their hair and wardrobe and Sandra’s makeup were spot on!
This, by far, is my most favorite session! I can’t wait to go back to the dunes to do another session now!

Sandra + Marco Engagment Session | San Diego Wedding Photographer

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After Carrie and Mike hired me to capture their wedding day, we collaborated on a good location for their engagement session. All Carrie really wanted was a place that had lots of trees. After going back and forth for weeks with both of us trying to find the perfect location, I suggested the beautiful Felicita Park in Escondido. I had never shot there before, but now this is on my list of locations! This place is so pretty! It also fit what Carrie wanted as well! Their photos turned out so stunning!!! Loved being a witness to their love for each other! Can’t wait for their upcoming wedding!!!

Carrie + Mike Engagment Session | San Diego Wedding Photographer

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