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I had to pleasure and joy of meeting Gaby and Alex when they hired me for their Christmas photos. These two were so cute together and I loved witnessing their love and humor together.  I was so excited (and secretly hoping) when Gaby asked me to come do a newborn session with their lil mister when he comes earthside.

Oh my goodness! He’s such a cutie!!! He was such a champ during his lifestyle session and slept pretty much the whole time. Kenny, you are so very well loved and have amazing parents!

Congratulations on becoming a family of three, Gaby and Alex!!!!

Cavins Newborn Lifestyle Session | San Diego Family Photographer

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When I first met the Rubesh Family for their Christmas photos session, Karin was all belly but still had her beautiful mommy glow! She looked beautiful (total pregnancy look goals right there!!).

So when Karin reached out to me after she had her son to come to their home and do a newborn lifestyle session, I was thrilled! Not only was their bedroom color gorgeous and lighting perfect, Baby Lucas slept the whole time!!!

Big Brother Roman was such a hoot to hang out with too. It took him a little bit to warm up to me, but once he did, he wanted to always be in front of my camera and always had that adorable smile on his face! He’s going to be such a good big brother to Lucas!

Congrats Karin, Marc, and Roman on becoming a new family of four! You guys are doing great!

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featured on BLMommy Magazine


Rubesh Newborn Lifestyle Session | San Diego Family Photographer

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Can this family of four be any cuter?!! I met Bethany through Thanksgiving when she was only a few weeks away from having her 2nd lil girl. I fell in love with their little family. So naturally I got so excited when she asked me to do a newborn lifestyle session for them. It almost did work out, but I’m glad we made it work and I absolutely love how her session turned out! Her girls are beautiful and what a great way to end the year!

Burge Newborn Lifestyle Session | San Diego Family Photographer

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Over the weekend, I was able to meet little miss Bailey, 2-weeks new!!! Isn’t she adorable?!!! Her mama said that she normally sleeps all day long, but Bailey must have known I was needing her to sleep for her session, because she was awake the whole entire 2 hours 😛 We went with it, and I think her photos turned out lovely. I can’t get over that adorable bunny ears hat!!!! I want one for my newborn stash now! Congrats to the Enoch family on your new little girl!!! Enjoy parenthood!

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