Andrea + Michael Family | Bakersfield Family Photographer

I met Andrea online through the San Diego Special Needs Support group on Facebook. I was in need of a friend, and she reached out to me. I’m so glad she did. When we shared our stories with each other, we were able to be a encouragement and be a support for one another.
This mama is such a strong mama (even if she doesn’t feel like it). Her youngest is special needs and had a stroke in utero and he has¬†Cerebral Palsi. But despite the challenges that come with being a special needs family, there is so much love in this family. ¬†It was truly blessing and a pleasure to be able to be this family’s Family Photographer and have some fun at the Scripps Pier in La Jolla!

Having a special needs child comes with a lot of hardship and a lot of trips to the hospital and specialists. Andrea and her family have a GoFundMe account and if you would like to donate to help ease their burden.


family sitting on the beach

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